3 Mistakes You’re Making When Delegating with Ashley Cox

October 31, 2018 Abby Herman

A lot of us need to delegate and don’t, and when we do we’re not always as effective as we should be. Sometimes it’s the fear of someone not being able to do the task the “right” way (which is actually key for not doing it “your” way). Sometimes it’s not know what you need to delegate in the first place.

Today’s guest is Ashley Cox of SproutHR, and she’s sharing with us the three mistakes people make when delegating. And if you’re on the fence about delegating or are currently delegating but not sure you’re doing it right, you’re going to want to listen in. Because according to Ashley:

“Your ability or inability to delegate effectively will 100% make or break your business growth.”

And I have to agree with her completely. Don’t be afraid of having to teach someone something; if you hire the right people they’ll actually be able to do it without you teaching them. And if you’re spending time doing things that aren’t what people paying you money for, why are you still doing those tasks?

It’s time to free up your time for the things that bring money into your business. But before you do, listen in as Ashley warns us about the mistakes we might make while delegating, complete with action steps to help you do it right.

About Ashley Cox

Ashley Cox of SproutHR helps business owners avoid getting bogged in the day to day grind of running a biz and foster the skills they need to lead happy and high functioning teams that get results. She has over 12 years experience in Fortune 25 companies and solo-run businesses. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Get on the waitlist for Next Level Leader Experience here!

Key Points to Ponder

  • Before you start delegating, look into creating systems and automations in your business.
  • If you plan on growing and scaling your business, delegating tasks is a thing you’re going to have to learn and do well.
  • “They won’t do it the right way” is code for “They won’t do it MY way.”
  • You can’t expect your team members to know what to do without clear communication from you first.
  • “Do you have any questions” is not the right question to ask to ensure your team members understand the task at hand.
  • The way to grow forward-thinking businesses is not controlling all the little details, but rather allowing our teams to come together and to do their jobs.

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