The 5 ASKs – Get More Clients Using This Sales Strategy

July 9, 2018 Kim Dawson

I got my first lesson in sales as a small business owner when I was 7 years old selling my arts & crafts door-to-door in my neighborhood. Yes, the entrepreneurial bug hit me early. I would knock on doors, introduce myself, show them my product line, and ask for money. You can say I learned to overcome my fear of sales early on, but the truth is, it took decades to overcome it.

Like many of you, I’ve read books, watched sales presentations, and observed successful salespeople to gain all the insight I can to become a better salesperson myself. And if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re a salesperson. Period. Over time, I learned strategies that work, ones that don’t, and how to feel comfortable selling.

If you are like many small business owners, you may struggle with sales because you feel you lack the training or the background in it. You probably started your businesses because you wanted to make a living doing something you care about, and your least favorite part of the job is the selling (or maybe tied for first place is keeping track of your finances).

Why You Struggle With Sales

Part of the reason sales is so intimidating is because we often associate it with how we feel when someone tries to sell something to us (especially when it’s something we don’t want). Of course, we don’t want to be that person, so we try to avoid selling. Perhaps an even bigger reason is our fear that the person we’re asking will no longer like us, or they will think differently of us, because we tried to sell to them.

It’s important to understand the difference between pushing a product onto someone and sharing your offerings with someone because you truly believe it will help them. In reality, we sell all the time, and we do it from a place of passion, caring for others, and wanting to help.

When you tell everyone how amazing a new restaurant is and why they must try it out, or the friend who has told you 10 times how much she loves her new mascara and why you have to buy it, or your brother tells you about a Netflix show that is so funny, you need to start watching it—this is all sales. You sell every time you share your opinion on something you enjoy, in hopes that the person you are talking with will also benefit from it if they try it.

Nothing to Fear

My point is, that you have nothing to fear in sales. Your friend won’t stop liking you because you tried to convince her your mascara is the best, anymore than a sales lead will, as long as your approach is from a good place; passion, caring for others, or wanting to help.

Telling you that you have nothing to fear, though, isn’t enough. You need a strategy. I have come up with something that I call “The 5 ASKs.” Once I started incorporating this strategy into my own sales process, I saw a big increase in the amount of leads I converted into clients. In fact, since I started using it, I have converted nearly every serious lead into a client.

The 5 ASKs gives your potential client the opportunity to feel valued by you, heard by you, and it helps them create a vision in their mind of how awesome it would be to purchase from you. The 5 ASKs gives you the opportunity to learn how to sell without feeling like the pushy salesperson, and instead, it will bring out your genuine self who empathizes with your potential client, and knows that what you are selling will truly help them.

You can download the 5 ASKs below for free, and start incorporating into your sales process today to help you get more clients and/or customers. After you’ve tried this method, I’d love to hear how it is working for you!