Hi, I'm Kim!

Are you looking for real strategies to help you grow your business, increase your profits, and give you more free time? Then let’s talk! –  I’m a no-nonsense business strategist, and I know that if you’ve got the right plan and the right resources, you can take your business as far as you want it to go, while also maintaining the lifestyle you desire.

I can help you take your business to the next stage of development, removing the obstacles that stand in your way. I’ll show you opportunities you didn’t know were there, and how easy it can be to build your business when you have an action plan that aligns with your business goals.

Business owners succeed at achieving their goals when they take the time to create a plan and follow it. Are you ready to have a plan?

About Kim
Kim Dawson is a Business Strategist specializing in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs connect their ambition to the results they want, such as having more money and more time, creating a bigger impact, and achieving long-lasting success. Her specialty areas include revenue generation, pricing, scalability, business development & growth, and branding.

A lifelong and successful serial entrepreneur, Kim was co-founder of Atalasoft, a software startup based in Western Massachusetts, which was sold in 2011. Kim also owned and operated a health and wellness company, The Wellness Workout. With her combined experience of nearly 20 years as a growth-based business owner and entrepreneur, Kim made the decision to help other women grow their own businesses for optimal profitability, sustainability, and success.

Kim serves on the Advisory Board of Abundance Farm, which promotes food justice, community, and outdoor education of the natural world. Kim previously served as an advisor and Chief Operating Officer of Boston Business Women, a professional membership organization focused on supporting women entrepreneurs through community, wellness, and career development. 

Kim is the host of ‘The Sassy Strategist Podcast‘ and is launching her first book in September 2018, “Passion to Profits: Your Guide To Building A Successful Business.”

When she isn’t working, Kim enjoys spending time with her two children, and her hobbies include cooking, exploring the outdoors, running, hiking, photography, and listening to live jazz.

Host of The Sassy Strategist Podcast
I launched The Sassy Strategist Podcast in 2015, highlighting business owners and entrepreneurs sharing their stories of success and failure, and how they now thrive. I took a break for a bit, but brought it back in early 2018. Subscribe on iTunes, and please leave a review!
Conference & Event Speaker
I speak at various conferences and events on a variety of topics relevant to today’s business owner including money, niche marketing, entrepreneurship, branding, scalability, and much more. Attendees can learn strategies to build their business in a fun and dynamic setting.
Author of "Passion to Profits: Your Guide To Building A Successful Business", [Coming Soon]
I’m finally working on my first book set to be released in September of 2018. This book will be a guide for anyone looking to take their business to the next level with easy to follow steps and instructions, and hopefully with a little humor thrown into the mix. I move past the motivation and inspiration, and get to the real details of how you actually build a business to be more profitable. 


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