Hi, I'm Kim!

I’m a no-nonsense business strategist, and I know that if you’ve got the right plan and a support system, you can take your business as far as you want it to go.

At some point in your life you realized that being an employee, just wasn’t for you. You’re ambitious, driven, and you don’t want to be stifled by working for someone else. You decided to start your own business in hopes that you could live a better quality life, and make awesome money doing it. 

You’re always thinking bigger and you consistently ask yourself “how can I get to the next level?” Perhaps you need to hire more people, launch a new product or service, update your pricing so that you’re more profitable, or maybe you want to enter a whole new market. 

Of course like many business owners, you don’t always have the time to stop working in the day-to-day and plan out your next move for business growth.

I can help you take your business to the next stage of development, removing the obstacles that stand in your way. I’ll show you opportunities you didn’t know were there, and how easy it can be to build your business when you have a strategic plan that aligns with your business goals.

Business owners succeed at achieving their goals when they take the time to create a plan and follow it. Are you ready to have a plan?

About Kim
Kim Dawson is a Business Strategist specializing in helping small business owners connect their entrepreneurial passion to smart, effective strategies in order to achieve the results they desire, such as more money, more time, more impact, and long-lasting success. Her specialty areas include revenue generation, pricing, scalability, business development & growth, and branding.

A lifelong and successful serial entrepreneur, Kim was co-founder of Atalasoft, a software startup based in Western Massachusetts, which was sold in 2011. Kim also owned and operated a health and wellness company, The Wellness Workout. With her combined experience of nearly 20 years as a growth-based business owner and entrepreneur, Kim made the decision to help other women grow their own businesses for optimal profitability, sustainability, and success.

Kim is a member of the Advisory Board of Abundance Farm, which promotes food justice, community, and outdoor education of the natural world. Kim previously served as an advisor and Chief Operating Officer of Boston Business Women, a professional membership organization focused on supporting women entrepreneurs through community, wellness, and career development. Kim is currently a member of the “Dream Team” of BostonSpeaks, a communication, business, and leadership training company.

Kim is the host of ‘The Sassy Strategist Podcast‘ and is launching her first book in 2018, “From Passion to Profits: The Sassy Strategist’s Guide To Building Your Business.”

Kim enjoys spending time with her two children, and her hobbies include cooking, exploring the outdoors, running, hiking, photography, and listening to live jazz.

Host of The Sassy Strategist Podcast
I launched the podcast in 2015, highlighting business owners and entrepreneurs sharing their stories of success and failure, and how they now thrive. I took a break for a bit, but I’m getting ready to reboot and with a brand new theme. Stay tuned for all new episodes coming in January 2018.
Conference & Event Speaker
I speak at various conferences and events on a variety of topics relevant to today’s business owner including money, niche marketing, entrepreneurship, branding, scalability, and much more. Attendees can learn strategies to build their business in a fun and dynamic setting.
Author of "Passion to Profits: The Sassy Strategist's Guide To Building Your Business", [Coming Soon]
I’m finally working on my first book set to be released in the Summer of 2018. This book will be a guide for anyone looking to take their business to the next level with easy to follow steps and instructions, and hopefully with a little humor thrown into the mix. I move past the motivation and inspiration, and get to the real details of how you actually build a business to be more profitable. Sign up to be notified when it launches and you’ll get 10% off the book price.
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Working with Kim is absolutely worth the investment for your business! Since we began our consultations with Kim, we have seen a dramatic increase in our sales per client. Our sales have nearly tripled!  In addition to goal setting and profitability, she helps with questions ranging from staffing, pricing to big picture ideas. Anytime we feel unsure of our next move, we are able to call Kim for her expertise and advice.
Whether we need a quick call or a two hour meeting, she always makes herself available and schedules a meeting with us. She offers ideas we would not think of on our own, and helps us to feel confident in the choices we make. It is extremely reassuring to have her as a sounding board. We highly recommend Kim as a small business consultant. Our business would not be where it is today without her guidance and support!
-Natalie & Moira, Whim Events
I have been a small business owner (www.reliaflorals.com) in the greater Boston area for a couple of years and do not have any background in business. Kim provided me with straightforward concrete basic steps regarding monitoring my expenses, increasing my revenue, and approach each step in my business decision making with a calculated, thought through perspective. I would not be able to survive the first year without her specific, clear recommendations. I continue to learn from Kim but this year with great tools and organization techniques and mindset that helps me further grow my business. Thank you so much for such close attention to all my questions and business needs!
-Regina Miloslovsky, Relia Florals
When I was looking for a business coach I knew I needed more than just working on my mindset. I wanted help figuring out a way to turn my one woman show, into a scalable and profitable company that could potentially employ others in the future. I came into my business really understanding the soft skills of customer service and human interaction, but was lacking in hard skills and a clear vision of what my business would look like in the next 5 years.
Kim helped me understand the steps I need to take to build my big vision from the ground floor. Three months ago my vision of the future seemed unrealistic, but with Kim’s guidance, and no BS style, I feel very confident that I can get where I need to go! Having a strategy for growth and understanding the numbers behind what I’m doing has changed everything!
-Laura Loewy, Backcountry Yoga
Conferences, Events, & Media Inquiries
Speaking, Workshops, & Interviews

If you are hosting an event and are looking for an engaging speaker who can teach your audience about results-oriented strategies for building a business, I’d love to chat. I’m available for keynotes, workshops, and presentations.

Or if you are looking for a guest on your show who will connect with your listeners and be helpful to your audience, please reach out.

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