Category: Time Management

July 30, 2019 Kim Dawson

Does this sound like you? You’ve got client information located in multiple documents and spreadsheets. You’re sending PDFs through email and asking for handwritten signatures. You’re losing business because you aren’t following up with your leads. You know you need better software, systems, and automations in place, but you don’t even know where to begin….

July 16, 2019 Kim Dawson

Business owners often talk about time management, but few think they have the time to implement a system that works, or even know where to begin. What we do know is we are stressed, have never-ending to-do lists, and have trouble focusing on what needs to get done in order to achieve our goals.  In…

October 10, 2018 Abby Herman

You were sick of being trapped in a corporate 9 to 5 with nothing to look forward to but two weeks of vacation a year and missing out on milestones in your own kids’ lives. You decided you didn’t want to spend the prime of your life building someone else’s dream. Instead, running your own…