Build A Media Company with Bonnie Bruderer

March 9, 2016 Pat Osborne

Pursuing her dreams to work in television, Bonnie Bruderer shares her success story from her first job out of college to becoming the Executive Producer and Host of theASKBONBON Show in New York City.

In this episode of The Sassy Strategist Podcast, Bonnie discusses how she built her business to help people get their message and brand out to the masses, by creating a distribution network that reaches millions, but at minimal cost to business owners. She bootstrapped her business with smart financial management, maximized her network of people and resources, and went “all-in” taking risks.

She spent 20 years of her career with celebrity motivational giants  Tony Robbins, Harvey Mackay, Alex Mandossian and many others. She worked as a coach, in production, sales and marketing, event management, and as a speaker. She saw the inner workings of what made these world-class experts successful and emulated all of the knowledge to create her media empire. She is an award winning and highly acclaimed talk show host, a life and executive coach, holding 10 certifications, including Columbia University. She’s an inventor of two patented products, a loving dog-mom, a voracious reader and writer, a kick boxer, yogi, meditation junkie and has appeared and starred in three movies and three sitcoms. She is also a three-time author, previous radio show host and loves to laugh and spend time with her family.