How To Build Your Business With Brand Photography with Melissa Henry

June 7, 2019 Kim Dawson

You’ve heard that personal brands are the way to go if you want to build a thriving online business. But what does that even mean? And how do you present that personal brand online if you’re introverted and reluctant to put yourself out there?

In this episode of The Sassy Strategist, brand photographer Melissa Henry shares with us the ins and outs of creating a personal brand that stands out. We talk about how to present yourself online, when (if ever) to use stock photography and whether a highly curated Instagram feed is even worth it.

As someone who is reluctant to share too much online, I appreciated having Melissa weigh in on the fine line between talking about yourself and oversharing.

“Are you using social media to have fun? Or are you using social media to grow your business?” – Melissa Henry

You need to be present online if you’re running any kind of business these days, but it’s okay to take a step back and do it in a way that makes you comfortable, rather than how someone else tells you that you “need” to do it. Listen in for more!

Key Points to Ponder

  • Selfies can play a role in your social posts, but they shouldn’t be everything.
  • Your social media images should reflect your brand, not what you’re doing all day, every day.
  • Stock images that look like everyone else’s may devalue your brand.
  • Is it the words or the images that make your posts work?

Mentioned in this episode

About Melissa Henry

Melissa has lived in the DC area since 1993 but was born and raised in Arizona. Graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Accounting and Finance. Spent a couple years in Los Angeles before making her way across the country to DC.

Most of her career was spent working in the accounting and consulting fields but she was always running around with her camera on the weekends and planned vacations almost for the purpose of capturing beautiful scenery around the world.

Then, in 2009, she decided she really needed to release her creative side, and after getting a certificate from the Washington School of Photography, she began her side hustle photography business, focusing on maternity and newborns.

Things were fine working her day job and running her business but towards the end of 2017, she was placed on a project with a skeleton crew, virtually no transition from the last contracting company, and was working in a super toxic environment. After working countless late nights and missing spending time with her husband and daughter, sher decided she needed to take her business full time.

That’s when she started learning about personal branding as a way of “future-proofing” your business. She learned all about how being intentional about creating images for your brand can really help you get “seen” by the “right” people online so that you can grow your business.

Now Melissa is helping entrepreneurs up-level their businesses through educating them about personal branding, working with them to create unique images for their brands, and helping them understand how to use their images in the most impactful ways.


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