Create Flexible Work Opportunities For Women with Gina Hadley & Jenny Galluzzo

June 13, 2016 Pat Osborne

“The Second Shift was founded in 2014 to address the needs of highly skilled professional women seeking flexible employment options, and businesses seeking top quality on-demand talent. Our mission is to retain critical female talent in the work force, benefitting women, employers, and their families financially, creatively, and culturally.” – from The Second Shift

In this interview, Kim Dawson speaks with Gina Hadley and Jenny Galluzzo, Co-Founders of The Second Shift. Both Gina and Jenny created The Second Shift after each of them started a family and realized the importance of creating opportunities for women who want to continue contributing to the workforce and growing their careers, while also having the flexibility needed in raising a family.

Gina, Jenny, and Kim discuss The Second Shift, and how they are disrupting the way companies work with women, improving both the quality of life for women and the bottom line for companies.

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