Launch a FinTech Company with Shaheen Kanda

February 23, 2016 Pat Osborne

In this episode, Shaheen Kanda, the CEO and Co-Founder of Syndicated Loan Direct, discusses the following:

* How she is solving problems in the Financial Industry through Technology

* What syndicated loans are, and how they are a part of a multi-trillion dollar industry

* The process of hiring and building a team

* Developing a revenue model

* Developing a prototype with little money

* Choosing an Accelerator program that is right for you, and how to apply

* Raising capital

* The power of networking, and surrounding yourself with highly intelligent people

Prior to starting Syndicated Loan Direct, Shaheen worked for Credit Suisse and Citigroup for 8 years in Leveraged Loan origination, negotiating transactions with group banks, PE firms and leading law firms. Shaheen completed her M.S. at M.I.T, her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, and an MBA from Mumbai University, India.

Syndicated Loan Direct is a FinTech company that offers solutions to searching and analyzing syndicated loan deals for finance, banking, and legal professionals. Syndicated Loan Direct is a part of Barclays Techstars NYC Accelerator 2015 program.

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