How To Self-Publish a Book as a Business Owner

January 14, 2019 Kim Dawson

Is writing a book on your 2019 bucket list? A lot of small business owners are using books to help market their businesses. It’s a great product to use as proof that you know your stuff and to use as a back-table sale at the end of an in-person speaking gig.

But it’s a much bigger project than most business owners know. I learned a lot of lessons throughout the process, which I share with you in today’s episode of The Sassy Strategist podcast. I’ll give you feedback and tips on what to expect as well as my biggest regret.

I’ll share with you why I decided to go the self-publishing route, why an editor is such an integral part of the process and when to get help on board for editing, design and marketing.

Be sure to listen in if a book is on your list–either now or in the future.

Key Points to Ponder

  • You are not a book editor; you need to find one to help you through the process.
    You’ll write things that feel natural to you, but there’s a more succinct and impactful way to say it.
  • Life gets in the way of writing a book. Get on the calendar of your editor and designer early.
  • If you simply say, “I’m going to write a book,” you’re never going to write a book. You need a schedule.
  • Writing the book is one thing, but there was so much more work after the first draft!
    Marketing a book is very different from marketing a business.
  • Not everyone wants to read a book on Kindle. Consider a printed paperback as well.

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