I’ve invested blood, sweat, tears, and tons of money into my business.  I can say with absolute certainty that the greatest decision I’ve made for my business thus far has been hiring Kim as my coach.

I’m no stranger to coaches. I’ve invested in various programs, and paid for thousands of dollars worth of coaching. I have had success with many of these coaches, but Kim has blown away every single one of them. Within three days of meeting with her, her work paid for itself. Within a week, even my friends and colleagues were remarking about how much things had shifted for me.

It’s hard to describe her process, because she’s just so good at EVERYTHING. She’s a coach, mentor, therapist, consultant, all rolled into one. I have yet to come up with a question that she hasn’t answered promptly and thoroughly.

The communication that she provides is beyond anything I have experienced with anyone I have worked with. As soon as I hit “send,” she is responding to my emails with the answers I need. She will hop on a call at any time. She’s kind of like the living version of “Siri,” whenever I have a question, there’s an immediate, thorough answer. In other coaching programs, there’s always a point where things inevitably grow stale. I plan on keeping Kim on board…well, maybe forever. Because working with her keeps me consistently inspired, motivated, and excited. I was successful before I brought her on board. I am now breaking through into meeting goals that I never imagined I could, and I owe this to her.

She provides a concierge level of service in her program that is unsurpassed. I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with her, and I am SO happy I found her!

-Marisa Fanelli, Healing Point Therapeutics

Working with Kim is absolutely worth the investment for your business! Since we began our consultations with Kim, we have seen a dramatic increase in our sales per client. Our sales have nearly tripled!  In addition to goal setting and profitability, she helps with questions ranging from staffing, pricing to big picture ideas. Anytime we feel unsure of our next move, we are able to call Kim for her expertise and advice.
Whether we need a quick call or a two hour meeting, she always makes herself available and schedules a meeting with us. She offers ideas we would not think of on our own, and helps us to feel confident in the choices we make. It is extremely reassuring to have her as a sounding board. We highly recommend Kim as a small business consultant. Our business would not be where it is today without her guidance and support!
-Natalie & Moira, Whim Events
When I was looking for a business coach I knew I needed more than just working on my mindset. I wanted help figuring out a way to turn my one woman show, into a scalable and profitable company that could potentially employ others in the future. I came into my business really understanding the soft skills of customer service and human interaction, but was lacking in hard skills and a clear vision of what my business would look like in the next 5 years.
Kim helped me understand the steps I need to take to build my big vision from the ground floor. Three months ago my vision of the future seemed unrealistic, but with Kim’s guidance, and no BS style, I feel very confident that I can get where I need to go! Having a strategy for growth and understanding the numbers behind what I’m doing has changed everything!
-Laura Loewy, Backcountry Yoga
I have been a small business owner in the greater Boston area for a couple of years and do not have any background in business. Kim provided me with straightforward concrete basic steps regarding monitoring my expenses, increasing my revenue, and approach each step in my business decision making with a calculated, thought through perspective. I would not be able to survive the first year without her specific, clear recommendations. I continue to learn from Kim but this year with great tools and organization techniques and mindset that helps me further grow my business. Thank you so much for such close attention to all my questions and business needs!
-Regina Miloslovsky, Relia Florals

Going into my first consultation with Kim, I was overwhelmed, to say the least. I was a new mom, working full-time and running Swank Events on the side. I knew I wanted to focus solely on my business, but had no idea where to start. Enter Kim. Kim answered my questions, made thoughtful recommendations and created steps to get me headed in the right direction. She helped me to take a step back and focus on the critical business operation tasks that needed to be done before making any big career decisions. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of running a business, from developing a marketing plan, to maximizing revenue and scaling your business, to bringing on staff. Kim is very personable, insightful and passionate about helping small business owners and I would highly recommend working with her!

-Kristin Healy, Swank Events


Kim is great with strategy and finding areas in the business that could be more lucrative. She came up with an idea last year that accounted for half of my business revenue. She is a master at teaching others to delegate and how to become most efficient and effective in day to day business. I highly recommend working with her to maximize your time and business revenue!

– Another Happy Client!

Kim Dawson-business-strategist-consultant-Boston


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