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Designed to highlight small business women and those who support small businesses, the Sassy Strategist Podcast will answer your questions, provide you inspiration and help you identify some of the next steps to take in your business. All while spotlighting savvy and driven female business owners who are growing by leaps and bounds!


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November 21, 2018 with Niki Ramirez

Hiring can be a stressful event for any business owner, but maybe even more so for small business owners. The business is so small that every hire has to be the perfect fit, or you risk a culture shift in your organization.

Ultimately, you want to prevent problems before they happen. It’s so crucial to know ahead of time the considerations you need to take as you’re hiring. But many times, you don’t discover challenges like personality clashes, talent mis-matches and other issues until after the new team member has started working.  LEARN MORE


October 31, 2018 with Ashley Cox

A lot of us need to delegate and don’t, and when we do we’re not always as effective as we should be. Sometimes it’s the fear of someone not being able to do the task the “right” way (which is actually key for not doing it “your” way). Sometimes it’s not know what you need to delegate in the first place.

Today’s guest is Ashley Cox of SproutHR, and she’s sharing with us the three mistakes people make when delegating. And if you’re on the fence about delegating or are currently delegating but not sure you’re doing it right, you’re going to want to listen in. LEARN MORE


September 18, 2018 with Melissa Morris

Everyone who’s followed me at all knows that I love to talk about delegation. But before you can delegate anything, you need to have systems in place so your team members know what to do and how to do it. On this episode of The Sassy Strategist, I’m talking to Melissa Morris, a business operations strategist for small business owners. She helps service-based biz owners streamline client management systems so they can effectively scale their businesses. LEARN MORE


September 18, 2018 with Kim Dawson

Differentiating yourself in your niche and in your industry is critical if you’re going to grow your business strategically and consistently. But so many business owners get stuck in figuring out what makes them different from the next gal.

I get it, which is why in this episode I’m helping you identify: What you need clarity on to make your marketing so much easier. What to ask yourself before you sign up for that networking event or conference or spend time in that Facebook group or social platform. What to ask yourself after you’ve connected with your people. LEARN MORE


June 19, 2018 with Meryl Marshall

Do you love both luxury and eco-friendly products? Would you like to know more about building a business and brand that is luxurious, high-quality, affordable, and friendly to our health and our earth? Then listen to this highly informative interview where Kim Dawson interviews Meryl Marshall, Co-Founder of Hynt Beauty. Learn more about Hynt Beauty and their products at https://hyntbeauty.com/.  LEARN MORE


#24: Building A Purpose-Driven Non-Profit

June 6, 2018 with Amy Dietrich & Jamy Barton

Have you always wondered what it takes to launch a purpose-driven, nonprofit organization? Then listen to this special interview Kim Dawson interviews Amy Dietrich and Jamy Barton, twin sisters who launched 28 Days Project to help women have access to affordable feminine care products. Learn more about their mission and support them at https://www.28daysproject.org/ LEARN MORE


#23: Market Your Artisan Products with Jessica Jade

May 11, 2018 with Jessica Jade

Kim Dawson interviews Jessica Jade, Founder and Artisan of SunKiss Organics where they discuss marketing strategies to help you sell your artisan or craft products. If you're looking to get started with launching a business from your handmade products, and need guidance on how to go from idea to market, then don't miss this interview. LEARN MORE


April 11, 2018 with Jackelyn Dacanay

Kim Dawson interviews Jackelyn Dacanay, the Founder & Creative Director of THE ART OF FATE, where they discuss how to build a lifestyle brand online. Jackelyn shares her experience of launching and building her mission-driven company, which includes her approach to marketing, branding, revenue generation, bootstrapping and much more. If you are trying to build a business online, this interview will give you the tools and tips you need to be successful at it. LEARN MORE


March 29, 2018 with Leah Robert & Sarah Kelly

Leah and Sarah are sisters who created SaltyGirl Boutique and SaltyGirl Beauty after Sarah was diagnosed with stage 3, Triple Negative Breast Cancer while 32 weeks pregnant. Combining Leah's expertise as an oncology nurse with Sarah's background working in business, they created a platform for natural, organic, and eco-friendly skin care and beauty products which lead to creating their own product line, SaltyGirl Beauty.

In this episode of the Sassy Strategist Podcast, Kim Dawson interviews Sarah and Leah about how they started their company, what they are doing to grow it, and what lessons they've learned along the way. LEARN MORE


March 14, 2018 with Julie Starr

Julie Starr, Nutritionist and Owner of Starr Yoga Studios, shares her journey from nutritionist to yoga studio owner, and now to creating her own product line. In this interview we discuss: How to thrive in a highly competitive and everchanging industry. How to embrace change in order to grow your business. What she recommends as the #1 Key To Success. Advice on how to make your business more scalable. How to build your business without a business background. Advice she has for new wellness professionals starting out in the industry. LEARN MORE


January 31, 2018 with Jamie Cholaki

Jamie discusses the process of going from product idea, to manufacturing, and distribution. Learn what to expect going through the process, how to adapt to changes, get funding, and find the right team to help you launch your product. Jamie shares personal details of her journey from stylist to entrepreneur. If you're thinking about launching a product, or simply want to know more about scaling your service-based business, don't miss this episode of the Sassy Strategist Podcast! LEARN MORE


January 17, 2018 with Angela Lussier

Join me and Angela Lussier, CEO & Founder of the Speaker Sisterhood as we discuss finding your voice through public speaking, and creating a successful business by being open-minded to possibilities. Angela discusses how she started with one speaking club, and within just one year, has grown to 16 clubs! Angela is taking the Speaker Sisterhood worldwide with one of her latest clubs in New Zealand. LEARN MORE


September 16, 2016 with Kim Dawson

Learn how to grow your business (and be happier!) by protecting your most valuable business asset: TIME.  In this episode of The Sassy Strategist Podcast, Kim Dawson (@sassystrategist), Business Strategist, shares her tips, tricks, and sassy opinions on how to say "NO!" to time wasters disguised as opportunities, how to get paid what you're worth, and how to re-think your approach to business growth. LEARN MORE

June 30, 2016 with Rachel Jackson

Do you have a product idea but you don’t know where to begin? How do you find a manufacturer, get funding, and sell your product in retail stores?

In this episode of The Sassy Strategist, Kim Dawson interviews Rachel Jackson, the CEO and Founder of Rachel’s Remedy. We discuss: What are the steps to create and launch a product? Where to find the money you need? What is the process for finding the right manufacturer? How do you get your products on the shelves of national retail stores? Should you hire an agent? And MUCH MORE! LEARN MORE

June 13, 2016 with Kim Dawson

In this interview, Kim Dawson speaks with Gina Hadley and Jenny Galluzzo, Co-Founders of The Second Shift. Both Gina and Jenny created The Second Shift after each of them started a family and realized the importance of creating opportunities for women who want to continue contributing to the workforce and growing their careers, while also having the flexibility needed in raising a family. LEARN MORE

June 2, 2016 with Melissa James

Melissa James is President and CEO of The Tech Connection, the premier marketplace for purpose driven, diverse technical talent. Her mission is to help people reach their highest potential by accelerating their individual pathway to success. She believes that every individual should live by one principal to ‘Be the CEO of You”. She not only inspires people to realize their full potential she connects them to high performing companies that will accelerate their growth.  She has a strong track record of building high performing teams for elite companies such as Google, Teradata, and local Boston businesses such as RA Capital, and Sample6. LEARN MORE

May 11, 2016 with Christie Nicholson

Christie Nicholson is an award-winning science journalist and co-founder of the publishing startup, Publet. She is a contributing editor at Scientific American and CBS. She has been an on-air contributor for the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, and produced/hosted Scientific American's podcast, 60-Second Science, reaching an audience of 1.5M. LEARN MORE

May 3, 2016 with Kim Dawson

Many new entrepreneurs, and even some who've been in business a little while, can have trouble maximizing revenue opportunities. It's too easy to charge too little for your products and/or services, or worse, not charge at all.

In this episode of the Sassy Strategist, Kim Dawson, Business Strategist and Startup Advisor, discusses how to discover untapped revenue in your business. Kim shares advice on how to analyze your business to ensure you are turning a profit on the value you provide by looking beyond costs involved or the time you put into your business.  LEARN MORE

April 11, 2016 with Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson is one of the founders of Tutorlist, a platform for experienced K-12 tutors to start, build, and manage a business. Previously she led enterprise products at LearnVest, a fintech startup sold to Northwestern Mutual in 2015, and was the third employee at AppNexus, an adtech company last valued at $1.2 billion. She has a BA in Geology from Princeton. In this episode, we focus on marketing strategies and revenue.  LEARN MORE

March 30, 2016 with Tamra Johnson


Tamra Johnson is a Partner and Cofounder of 79 Studios, building a platform for seed stage investing, advising, and partnership for inspirational female entrepreneurs. In this episode of the Sassy Strategist, Tamra discusses: The typical paths to getting funding and when to seek funding. LEARN MORE

March 22, 2016 with Mansi Singhal


In this episode of The Sassy Strategist Podcast, Kim Dawson interviews Mansi Singhal, Co-Founder of qplum, an online wealth management service. At qplum, Mansi is leading a team of 20+ engineers to package quantitative portfolio management solutions into a tangible online platform. She has over 10 years of experience in portfolio management. She was a portfolio manager at Brevan Howard in 2014. Prior to that,  LEARN MORE

March 9, 2016 with Bonnie Bruderer


Pursuing her dreams to work in television, Bonnie Bruderer shares her success story from her first job out of college to becoming the Executive Producer and Host of theASKBONBON Show in New York City. In this episode of The Sassy Strategist Podcast, Bonnie discusses how she built her business to help people get their message and brand out to the masses, by creating a distribution network that reaches millions, but at   LEARN MORE

March 2, 2016 with Donna Cravotta


In this very informative interview, Donna shares her story of how she built her company by helping people. As a Social Visibility Expert, Donna discusses strategies for maximizing social media platforms including the importance of optimizing your website, using Facebook Groups, and embracing new social technologies such as Facebook Live, Periscope, & Blab, and  LEARN MORE

February 23, 2016 with Shaheen Kanda


In this episode, Shaheen Kanda, the CEO and Co-Founder of Syndicated Loan Direct, discusses the following: How she is solving problems in the Financial Industry through Technology. What syndicated loans are, and how they are a part of a multi-trillion dollar industry. The process of hiring and building a team  LEARN MORE

February 16, 2016 with Aimee Kandrac

In an inspirational and insightful interview with Aimee Kandrac, Co-Founder & President of WhatFriendsDo, Aimee discusses the process of starting and building a tech company including getting funded, finding software developers, working with attorneys and other support professionals, developing a contemporary revenue model, and building a company with a social mission. Her story began when a close friend, Laura, was diagnosed   LEARN MORE

February 9, 2016 with Kristine Pachuta

My interview with entrepreneur Kristine Pachuta, the CEO and Co-Founder of CortexMD. Kristine discusses the process of building a software startup.
CortexMD is a clinical decision support tool aimed at reducing unnecessary radiology costs. Kristine previously worked as a Product and UX Director for health care, finance and government data products. She has also worked as an analyst for   LEARN MORE

January 15, 2016 with Valerie Biaggi

Valerie Biaggi, Co-Founder of SimplyGenie, a unique online boutique that creates custom Designer Parties in a Box and Handmade Party Decorations, discusses how she and her co-founder, Andrea Garcia Walker, started SimplyGenie. Valerie tells us how they came up with the idea, drafted their business plan, started the process of seeking manufacturers and designers for their products, carried  LEARN MORE

November 23, 2015 with Emily Lagasse

Fedwell is dedicated to bringing healthy, home-cooked foods to pets. Founder/CEO Emily Lagasse got her dog, Fenway, while spending two years in Africa with the Peace Corps.  When Emily returned to the States, Fenway became ill on the American dog food diet.  In an effort to return him back to good health, she learned how to cook for him.  After seeing success  LEARN MORE

October 8, 2015 with Dani Klein-Williams

Dani Klein-Williams has been capturing the very best in people for over 15 years and has loved every minute of it. As a Hallmark graduate from humble beginnings with little more than a dream and perseverance, Dani guided her business into what it has become today. dani. fine photography & image studio now comprises of a team of passionate, creative women delivering multi-faceted, widely published, award winning work. LEARN MORE


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Schedule a call with me today to talk about business goals and growth!

30 Newbury Street | Boston, MA 02116 | 617-584-9700