Turn Your Service into A Product with Jamie Cholaki

January 31, 2018 Pat Osborne


If you’re in the business of providing services and feeling frustrated about your lack of income potential, listen to my interview with Jamie Cholaki. Jamie decided to launch a hair care product after 16 years as a stylist, and is now in the process of building her own hair care line, Cholaki Beauty.

Jamie discusses the process of going from product idea, to manufacturing, and distribution. Learn what to expect going through the process, how to adapt to changes, get funding, and find the right team to help you launch your product. Jamie shares personal details of her journey from stylist to entrepreneur. If you’re thinking about launching a product, or simply want to know more about scaling your service-based business, don’t miss this episode of the Sassy Strategist Podcast!


Jamie Cholaki has been a hairstylist for 16+ years. She has been featured in Nantucket Magazine, Connecticut Bride, and is the official hair contributor for Next On Scene magazine.
Bridging beauty and mindfulness practice into your daily beauty routine, she’s created a product infuse with the healing properties of amethyst gemstone. Each bottle is accompanied with an amethyst affirmation setting a positive intention for the busy day ahead and helping you feel empowered! Not only will this product give your hair CRYSTAL SHINE, it will MINIMIZE FRIZZ & REDUCE STATIC!

Safe for color treated hair. Paraben & Gulten free. Vegan. Jasmine, Peony, & Clary Sage Aromatherapy

Support Jamie’s crowdfunding campaign at iFundWomen.


Connect with Jamie on social, @cholakibeauty (Instagram) and @hairbycholaki (FB).