Use Your Personal Story To Drive Your Business Mission with Leah Robert and Sarah Kelly

March 29, 2018 Pat Osborne


Leah and Sarah are sisters who created SaltyGirl Boutique and SaltyGirl Beauty after Sarah was diagnosed with stage 3, Triple Negative Breast Cancer while 32 weeks pregnant. Combining Leah’s expertise as an oncology nurse with Sarah’s background working in business, they created a platform for natural, organic, and eco-friendly skin care and beauty products which lead to creating their own product line, SaltyGirl Beauty.

In this episode of the Sassy Strategist Podcast, Kim Dawson interviews Sarah and Leah about how they started their company, what they are doing to grow it, and what lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Guest Bios:

Leah Robert:

Leah has always had a passion in health and wellness which lead her into her career as an oncology nurse. Her passion in helping her patients deal with the stressors of a cancer diagnosis stayed true when her sister Sarah was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Together, both Leah and Sarah decided to go into business together and create a brand to help all women feel confident, empowered and beautiful which lead to the development of SaltyGirl Beauty, an all natural and organic cosmetic line. When not working at SaltyGirl Beauty, Leah still continues working as an Oncology Nurse and is enjoying life as a new parent with her husband Greg to their daughter, Lucy. She enjoys the outdoors that Maine has to offer especially the summers where she can spend time at the beach.

Sarah Kelly:

Sarah has had a passion for natural sustainable products since starting her career 17 years ago with Tom’s of Maine. In 2010 Sarah completed her MBA from Simmons College in Boston with a focus on Sustainability in business. In 2015 Sarah was diagnosed with stage 3, Triple Negative Breast Cancer while 32 weeks pregnant —realizing her cancer was not hormone driven or genetic, Sarah started to really examine her environment. Her Aha moment came when really looking at the ingredients in her beauty products she used, and this led her down her journey developing SaltyGirl Beauty with her sister Leah. Sarah lives in Kennebunk, ME with her husband Chris and 3 kids, all under the age of 5. When she is not working or being mom, she loves entertaining friends and family, trying out a new local spot or enjoying the Maine outdoors.